El mejor pan con tomate de Barcelona

The most authentic barcelona tomato bread is served at Gothic quarter

Barcelona tomato bread, a must

The traditional Barcelona tomato bread 🍞🍅, or pa amb tomàquet, as you will surely see on the slates of most bars and restaurants, is one of the most consumed tapas in the city of Barcelona and one of the most famous around world 🌎 . As well known as the patatas bravas (at Gilda we serve the best patatas bravas in Barcelona), croquettes and Iberian ham. The Barcelona tomato bread it’s a perfect example that defines the Mediterranean diet and has spread as a traditional recipe throughout Spain 🇪🇸.

As you can imagine, the Barcelona tomato bread is one of the simplest tapas to prepare. There are many variants and different ways to serve it. But, believe me when I tell you that there is a big difference between a piece of bread spread with crushed industrial tomato and an authentic tomato bread. Farm bread, extra virgin olive oil, fresh tomatoes and salt flakes. To make the best in Barcelona, the raw material and the know-how play an important role.

Tomato bread: one of the most ancient tapas

Although tomato bread is a traditional food from different regions of Spain, among which we can mention Andalusia, Valencia, Aragon, Murcia and Catalonia, it is known that this recipe has its origins in ancient Greece. There, they used olive oil and salt to line up slices of farm bread. The tomato did not arrive in Spain until the 18th century, but when it arrived there were abundant tomato crops, so it was used in the fields to soften the dry bread.

As the people form Madrid criticize that Barcelona bars don’t invite tapas, Catalans criticize the bread from Madrid, which in many cases is industrial and with crushed industrial tomato (if you’re lucky and you get some tomato). One of those little local lawsuits 😂.

Nowadays, it can not be denied that, regardless of the origin of this famous tapa, the fact of spreading tomato to the bread is a clear sign of Catalan identity.

The best tomato bread of Barcelona is eaten in the Gothic Quarter

In Gilda by Belgious we serve the best Barcelona tomato bread. We use farmhouse bread, which we align with extra virgin olive oil, salt flakes and fresh tomatoes.

The tomato bread is a perfect option for those who want to delight with vegan tapas or vegetarian tapas, for the modest price of € 3.60.

If you want to try the best one in barcelona, come to the heart of the Gothic quarter (one of the most charming neighborhoods of Barcelona) at Carrer de Ample 34, where you’ll find our restaurant, Gilda by Belgious.

Book a table with us. We are waiting for you 😊!


This article has been written by Marco Genaro Palma, digital marketing specialist at Digiberries and Community Manager in Barcelona.