Best patatas bravas in Barcelona. Gilda by Belgious.

Best patatas bravas in Barcelona: taste our secret recipe!

The best patatas bravas in Barcelona

Best Bravas Barcelona. Believe it or not, it’s much more than just a tapa. We’re talking about the most popular tapa ever, the most famous tapa all over the world 🌎. Almost every bar and restaurant in town offers patatas bravas on their menu, but just a few of them take them to another level. Just a few restaurants try to innovate and take the deliciousness of the patatas bravas beyond the normal, beyond the limits. We’re one of those 😉.

For those who don’t know them, the patatas bravas are French fries accompanied by a spicy sauce, called salsa brava. Some times they can be served with all-i-oli also, but only in Catalunya.

Their origin not very clear. The truth is that there are many stories but not many certainties. The first references say that everything started in Madrid (for some in “Casa Pellico” and for others in “La Casona”), but the sources are not very reliable.

Why do we serve the best patatas bravas in Barcelona?

Firstly, our specialty are the gourmet tapas. We’re specialist on tranforming the traditional tapas, not just using fresh raw material and top quality but also working day by day adding them a special touch that differentiates them from the regular ones.  That’s our secret with patatas bravas 🤐.

To cook our Gilda Bravas we only use quality products. We carefulty frie golden potatoes and we serve them with all-i-oli and our secret “patatas bravas sauce” made of craft spicy dried tomato, salt flakes, cinnamon and coffee.

They have been choosen for The Food Club Barcelona as the best bravas in Barcelona 🏅. Definitely you must taste them. Believe me, they are different from all you have eaten.

Where to eat the best patatas bravas in Barcelona?

You will find the best patatas bravas in Barcelona in the heart of the Gothic quarter at Gilda by Belgious. It’s Carrer de Ample 34-38.

Book a table with us and taste the best bravas in Barcelona!


This article has been written by Marco Genaro Palma, SEO consultant at Digiberries and Food Photography in Barcelona.