La mejor crema catalana de Barcelona.

The best Catalan cream in Barcelona is served flambé at Gothic Quarter

¿Where to eat the best crema catalana in Barcelona?

Are you looking for the best crema catalana in Barcelona? Stop ⛔️.  Whether you are local and you are looking for an authentic Catalan cream (like the ones that your grandmother used to prepare for you on weekends), as if you are a tourist and you one of the main goals of your trip is to eat the best crema catalana in Barcelona, then you have to come to Gilda and try ours!

But before, a little bit of history and information 🤓. All this goes far beyond a dessert, however delicious it may be.

What is the crema catalana?

The crema catalana, also known as San Joseph, is an element of culture and one the oldest desserts of Catalan cuisine, which although originally was consumed exclusively in the region, has expanded throughout Spain and all the continent, becoming one of the most famous desserts around the world.

The dessert is made with egg yolk, sugar, wheat flour or corn flour and milk flavored with cinnamon and lemon peel (although some put orange peel 🙄). Although the cream can be used as a filling of cocas, ensaimadas and other local pastries, is usually eaten alone, in which case, we sprinkle white sugar and burn it with a torch or with an iron shovel, forming a delicious layer of caramel on top of the cream 😍.

It’s traditionally served in individual clay pots. If you have never tried it, do not waste any more time, it is an absolute delight, and believe me, there is nothing better than breaking the caramel layer with the spoon and feeling the contrast of textures in your mouth.

What is the origin of the crema catalana?

The story about the origin of the Catalan cream is very controversial and uncertain. One of the most popular stories tells that in the 18th century some nuns of a Catalan convent received a very important bishop and wanted to please him with a flan that became very liquid, so they improvised and modified it little by little to change the texture . Adding burnt sugar was the final point, but when the bishop tasted the dessert, it was still hot so he cried ‘crema!’ 🔥, which in Catalan means ‘Burn!’.

This story is very controversial because this famous dessert appears several times documented in the Catalan literature of previous centuries, forming part of several famous recipe books.

Traditionally, the Catalan cream was eaten with cocas on holidays, especially on Sant Josep Day (March 19), although as good as they are, it would be a bit silly to only eat them once a year 😅.

Why our catalan cream is the best in Barcelona?

We differentiate ourselves from others not only because we respect the authentic recipe but also because we prepare it with fresh, top quality ingredients, like all our dishes. Although surely, what impresses you most is that we give our special touch flambéandola 🔥 on the table when you serve it.

Look no further, book a table and get ready for an unforgettable dinner in one of the most charming restaurants in Barcelona.


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