Best steak in Barcelona at Gilda by Belgious: Belgian steak, salad and blue cheese sauce.

Best Steak in Barcelona

Best steak in Barcelona. An exclusive item for the true lovers of meat !

Best steak in Barcelona : are you desperately looking for it ? We know that is very hard to choose in our city. There is too many restaurants, too many steakhouses, too many reviews. Believe it or not, in Barcelona you can eat more much than tapas and iberic ham ! We live in a city where you can taste different food from all over the world. So, of course, you can find excellent steak over here. You just need to know where to go.

Ourselves, we are meat lovers, and that’s the reason that, besides our gourmet tapas menu, we offer many meat dishes made with the best raw material that you will find in Barcelona (New Zealand Lamb, Belgian Steak, and Norwegian Salmon).

Best steak in Barcelona: Where to find us ?

 Gilda by Belgious

Our restaurant is located on the 34, Carrer Ample and it’s a cozy place on the Gothic Quarter. Specialized in gourmet tapas and Belgian food, we offer the best of both worlds, fusioning different tastes that you won’t find anywhere else.

If you’re a steak lover, then we have two offers for you. You can choose, either the Beef tenderloin (of Belgian origin, of course 😉 ) with demi-glace sauce and grilled potatoes or our Belgian Steak with fries and green pepper or blue cheese sauce.

All our products are made with quality ingredients and maximum freshness.

Our passion, our ingredients and our know how are the secret that led us to make the best steak in Barcelona.

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