"Doing" Tapas in Barcelona is a highly recommended and enjoyable activity that every Barcelona visitor should try. The gastronomical tradition and Mediterranean way of life is well reflected in the custom of tapas. It's a fun way to eat, while sharing various dishes in good company.

Gilda Tapas is committed to offer Gourmet Tapas , ie a very high quality type, thanks to the ingredients and the careful preparation, as well as the creativity to offer mouth watering dishes, in addition to the spectacular presentation of each of our tapas.

Gilda Tapas  (Calle Ample, 34) is a place of choice for Tapas lovers visiting the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona,  who come to enjoy the charm of its narrow streets and hideouts, as well as discovering our gourmet tapas which are a fusion between the best of Mediterranean and Belgian cuisine and some other international influence.

Looking at the valuations of our customers, one can see that we are achieving our aim to surprise and please, up to the point that for many we offer the best Tapas Gourmet in Barcelona.

These are the 5 reasons why -for many- we offer the best Tapas Gourmet of Barcelona in the Gothic Quarter


1) tapas made with a selection of high quality ingredients

One of the requirements of a genuine Tapa Gourmet is that this made with high quality ingredients . In Gilda Tapas we will fulfil this to the letter. Both in our famous tapas, as in any of the dishes and desserts coming out of our kitchen, we only use carefully selected quality products.

The best Mediterranean bluefin tuna, selected meats from New Zealand and Belgium, Mussels from Galicia, fruits and vegetables from the fresh market, cheese from Flanders, Organic Duck, Free range Chicken... just glancing at Gilda's menu  it's easy to realize the care and effort we make to  use only high quality products. This daily work is key to make our Tapas and dishes unique and exquisite .


2) experience and creativity to create amazing Tapas

Creativity and  strong personality  is one of the main values Gilda : Being a different restaurant.

To achieve this, when designing our Tapas, we apply large doses of imagination, professionalism and love to get really rich and surprising  Tapas offering for its taste, aroma, texture and nice presentation on the plate.

In Barcelona's Gothic district, there is a wide range of tapas restaurants and nice places for dinner. Our success is based precisely on the fact that we feature tapas that differ from the rest by their originality, quality and the gourmet touch that has made Gilda Tapas so much appreciated  among its customers.


3) The Tapas are eye popping

One eats with the eyes. Wether tapas or any other dish;  enjoy the mouth-watering view from the  moment the waiter deposits your order on the table.

At Gilda we take care of all elements which impacts the presentation of our Tapas : nice cutlery and plates, aesthetic display of the food, combination of colors, appealing appearance of the fresh ingredients we work with. All this makes that our Tapas are a food lovers' pleasure even before you actually taste them in your mouth


4) tapas menu which fuses at it's best Mediterranean and Belgian cuisine

With our Tapas Gourmet , we offer an open, creative and cosmopolitan kitchen, inspired from our Mediterranean and Belgian origin and basically offers the best of both culinary cultures, without sacrificing elements and recipes from other parts of the world we live in.

In our choice for fusion cuisine we always use talent and common sense. Even when we feature famous and traditional recipes, it will always carry our Gilda touch.


5) Tapas are enjoyed better in a nice and welcoming place

Our place, with its indirect lighting and intimate decor, is a space to relax and enjoy the best Tapas . Gilda features two ambients, the bar area for a more festive and informal tapas experience, and more quiet, the restaurant area which fits both romantic dining as small dinner parties.

We like our customers to feel at ease from the first moment they enter and that they feel welcomed with a discrete and polite attention under all circumstances. 

From experience, we feel that a friendly atmosphere in a restaurant can be achieved by the sum of several factors (ambiental care, good treatment, professionalism, commitment, ...). And we also know that the good atmosphere adds value to our Tapas  and makes our guests eager to repeat the experience and recommend us to their friends.

Tapas and good beer

RECOMMENDATION:  Enjoy even more  your Tapa experience by tasting some of the excellent Belgian beers in our selection. A real treat for beer lovers.