Belgian Menu 28 €

Belgian Menu 28 €



First choice

• Casserole of veal meatballs Belgian origin in homemade tomato sauce

• Artisanal shrimp croquettes North Sea and parsley French

• artisanal cheese croquettes

Second to choose

• Cazuelita braised veal hock Belgian beer Leffe Brune origin and chips

• Galician Mussels with onions, celery, garlic, parsley and white wine served with fries

• Chicory wrapped in ham, au gratin with Emmental cheese and chips

Dessert to choose

• Cup artisan ice cream Speculoos By Belgious

• Belgian chocolate mousse with DOC Sao Tome (Africa)


• A Belgian beer 25cl siphon to choose between Stella Artois and Leffe Brune