Menu 25 €

Menu 25 €



Tapas to share

• Green olives seasoned with olive oil extra virgin

• Ration Cheese semi -
mature sheep (Manchego)

• Bread with tomato (Payés with fresh tomato and grated oil extra virgin olive oil)

• Bravas Gilda (golden potatoes with aioli and artisan chutney dried tomatoes, cinnamon and coffee)

Second to choose

• Barnyard Chicken in thai sauce with sauteed vegetables on thin bed of basmati rice and ginger ice cream

• Cazuelita braised veal hock Belgian beer Leffe Brune origin fries

• Salmon on a
bed of basmati rice and sauteed vegetables in teriyaki sauce


• A bottle of red wine or white wine CABERNET SAUVIGNON CHARDONNAY per 4 people

• A 500ml bottle of water per person