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      Delicious main dishes made with quality ingredients and maximum freshness.

    • Casserole of veal shank braised in beer Leffe Belgian origin with chips belgian-cuisine-in-barcelona

      € 14.40

    • Barnyard chicken in green curry sauce with sauteed vegetables, rice pilaf tower with dates and coriander and ginger ice cream free-gluten-menu-barcelona-gilda-restaurant

      € 14.80

    • Belgian Steak & Frit with green pepper sauce or blue cheese, french fries and fresh salad free-gluten-menu-barcelona-gilda-restaurantbelgian-cuisine-in-barcelona

      € 15.80

    • Salmon on a bed of basmati rice and sauteed vegetables in teriyaki sauce and wasabi ice cream free-gluten-menu-barcelona-gilda-restaurant

      € 15.80

    • Duck magret with mashed ecological boniatoy green oil scented with coriander free-gluten-menu-barcelona-gilda-restaurant

      € 18.80

    • "Moules Frites" Galician mussels with onions, celery, garlic, parsley and white wine served with fries free-gluten-menu-barcelona-gilda-restaurant belgian-cuisine-in-barcelona

      € 14.80

    • "Moules Frites" the Thai, stir fry with coconut milk, red curry, lemongrass and cilantro, accompanied by chips free-gluten-menu-barcelona-gilda-restaurant

      € 14.80

    • Tuna tataki covered with toasted sesame paste cuttlefish and vegetables market free-gluten-menu-barcelona-gilda-restaurant

      € 19.00

    • Lamb ribs New Zealand with mashed potatoes, tandoori masala and chimichurri free-gluten-menu-barcelona-gilda-restaurant

      € 24.00

    • Beef tenderloin Belgian origin demiglace sauce, bouquet garni and potato gratin dauphinois belgian-cuisine-in-barcelona (with foie gras +6)

      € 22.00

    • Endives wrapped in ham, baked with cheese and fries Emental belgian-cuisine-in-barcelona

      € 13.00

    • Moules Frites prepared Thai style with coconut milk, red curry, lemongrass and cilantro belgian-cuisine-in-barcelona

      € 14.80

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