Gilda Values Restarurant


We offer a kitchen open, creative and cosmopolitan , starting from our origin Mediterranean and Belgian , fuses and fundamentally offers the best of both culinary cultures, without sacrificing elements and recipes from other parts of the world.

We work exclusively with P roducts High Quality, who cooked with care, love and precision to make the most of culinary performance. In this way we arrive at the table of our customers with all its flavor, and texture, temperature, and aromas that requires good enjoyment of each dish.

Gilda is a different restaurant , with a strong personality, and this is something we highly value our customers, who know that we always strive to please themsurprising you . Our decor, tapas, dishes and menus, our customer relations, our local environment, all have our unmistakable touch Gilda .

Gilda is also a versatile restaurant . Our Zone Bar , is ideal for dining in an informal way to enjoy a good wine, a good Belgian beer or your favorite cocktail while savoring our forces are replenished delicious Tapas. Our Room Restaurant  is the perfect place to sample letter Gilda in a more leisurely fashion in a romantic or a group of friends dinner site.

Our privileged location in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona , makes Gilda in the perfect place to start replenishing forces, an afternoon or evening in which to enjoy the unique atmosphere and flavor of one of the most beautiful and most charismatic of Barcelona areas.


Remain faithful to our level of creativity and innovation . Continue to enrich our cuisine with contributions from all over the world, but without losing ourMediterranean and Belgian essence .

Always keep the same enthusiasm and level of demand that allows us to continue surprising and pleasing our customers, and continue to be one of the  reference restaurants of the Gothic Quarter .


Creativity and personality:  He is one of our main identity: Being a different restaurant. To achieve this we apply large doses of imagination, and do not hesitate to offer the best of ourselves

Fusion and Tradition:  We believe in the fusion of different culinary cultures, especially Mediterranean and Belgian , always applying talent and sense. And versionamos most famous and traditional recipes giving our touch Gilda .

Exigency and Humility:  Always be willing to improve each day and give the best of ourselves. Keep enough humility to acknowledge mistakes and learn from them, it is the best way forward on the path of excellence.

Friendliness and Courtesy:  We like our customers to feel at ease from the moment they walk in our restaurant feel cared a close relationship, friendly and polite at all times. 

Professionalism and Passion: Both in the kitchen and table service, always apply our experience and knowledge with the utmost rigor and accuracy but also with passion and enthusiasm of those who love their work. You can not achieve such a pleasant atmosphere of Gilda Restaurant, without the team is involved and excited about their work.